Proposal for transitioning teams to scrum from the traditional waterfall model

Objective of the proposal

To partner with the team to transition the product group comprising of around 100 engineers from the traditional waterfall model to self organizing mode, using scrum. While the spirit of the assignment is to do whatever it takes to achieve the desired outcomes, we suggest the following steps which will be fine tuned further with the key stakeholders during the assignment.

Steps suggested

# Step Accountability
1 Define the desired tangible and intangible success criteria for the assignment Sponsor, Consultant, leadership group
2 Scrum awareness check of the group Consultant
3 Refreshers if required Consultant
4 Agile project tracking  tool readiness / preparation / training PM tool admin, consultant
5 Orientation to scrum masters / TL Consultant
6 Orientation to product owners / analysts Consultant
7 User story preparation / readiness Product owner / consultant
8 Release planning preparation / readiness Product owner / consultant
9 Sprint planning meetings / estimation Product owner, scrum master, consultant
10 Sprinting Scrum master, consultant
11 Sprint and release tracking using burndown charts (effort and story points)   Scrum master, product owner, consultant, PM tool admin
12 Progress reviews and evaluation of the achievement of the predefined benefits Sponsors, steering committee, consultant
13 Follow ups for sustainability Consultant
14 Online doubt / problem solving support during the assignment and for six months after the completion of the assignment Consultant

Consulting days

The total consulting days for this assignment would be 40 days, consumed over a period of four months (max).

The online support is not included in the 40 days and will be offered as additional support free of cost.


  • The team size to be transitioned to agile is around 100 engineers, not exceeding 110.
  • Schedules for the assignment will be decided in advance
  • One visit to the customer’s premises will be counted as one day of the consultant
  • All the team members would have already undergone the regular scrum training prior to this assignment