‘Why do a car with automatic gear shift have a tachometer?’ …

Just completed another round of ‘Agile project management using scrum’ workshop for a team of young brilliant engineers from a leading multinational product company. Their intelligence and creativity was outstanding and inspiring. Thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to work with you for the last four days….Again, you did not answer my question ‘Why do a car with automatic gear shift have a tachometer?’ ….Any answers….



Just completed agile using scrum workshop for a leading multinational product company in the automotive space


Innovation to the core.. that is their catch phrase.

‘Innovation to the core’ , that is their catch phrase, and they are up to it.

My association with this company started around a decade back when they were a small team operating from a small office within Kochi city in the Kerala state of India. Today, they are around 150 engineers in strength, 200 applications developed and are operating from Infopark (Kochi) which is well known in the I.T map of India. They have embraced agile using scrum, and using their agility to the a good extent.

Key skills

iOS application development
Android application development
Hybrid applications
Jquery mobile framework

Professionally managed by qualified engineers, I can confidently recommend this team for outsourcing your work / product idea for development.


To, all agile enthusiasts across the globe

Here is a great opportunity!

I have been working very closely with several scrum teams as their coach and mentor. Many of them are small and medium sized enterprises operating from tier two cities of India, where the production cost is highly competitive. Each of these organizations have unique strengths, technically and functionally. I am sure that you are also associated with great teams, working on interesting projects. There is great synergy, if we can work together to introduce / recommend our truly agile teams to each other, which will bring in tangible strategic business advantage to all stakeholders. In the process our horizons also expand.

I foresee a great opportunity here.

Do you agree with me?. If Yes, please contact me. Let us start communicating.

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