Story tellers….

What is the story of your project?. What is the story of your work?. What are the stories of the users of your product?…How is the product going to change / make their stories inspiring. Can you narrate it with enthusiasm?. Only then you should write the user’s stories…else they become dull and pale…and will not deliver much value to the users. Today was a forced holiday, due to bundh (strike), and that gave me some time to introspect about my current project. Unfortunately, I am struggling to narrate the story of my project to myself convincingly. Do you have a project story for me, which can be narrated to me with enthusiasm and passion…

Writing a story is different from telling a story. If you have to tell a story to an audience and capture their attention, then it must have something in it. We can always write boring stories and send to someone, where as we cannot tell an uninspiring story successfully.


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