A word of caution about Transparency and predictability

Yes, I stick to the promise of scrum delivering better predictability and transparency. The flip side of this is what we see through the newly gained transparency. The reality could be bad news. Just by following scrum alone the productivity will not improve. This realization happened during the consulting assignment at a startup. I knew that engineering capabilities will not happen overnight in any organization where everything was happening ad-hoc,  which is the characteristic of almost every startup. They needed holistic approach to improve;

  • pre-sales process
  • project planning
  • project tracking
  • requirements management
  • design / architecture
  • estimation
  • coding
  • testing
  • defect management

I did not want to reinvent another capability maturity model, because i felt it will be better if my client implement something proven and popular. That forced me to go back to the CMM-Dev model after two decades. That is a great opportunity to look at CMM-Dev from an agile perspective (not from the CMM assessment perspective. Here are the KPAs of the CMM-Dev latest ;

  • Causal analysis and resolution
  • Configuration management
  • Decision analysis and resolution
  • Integrated project management
  • Measurement and analysis
  • Organizational process definition
  • Organizational process focus
  • Organizational performance management
  • Organizational performance management
  • Organizational training
  • Product integration
  • Project monitoring and control
  • Project planning
  • Process and product quality assurance
  • Quantitative project management
  • Requirements definition
  • Risk management
  • Supplier agreement management
  • Technical solution
  • Validation
  • Verification

This is in alphabetic order. To my surprise, the current level is almost 0 for most of these and 1 for some of them. I consider this as a good starting point. Still we believe in people more than processes and tools. We will ensure that nothing that does not add value will get rolled out.


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